Family, Private And Estate Mausoleums

There are many ways to honor a life. Your families legacy can live on in the design of a mausoleum. Many families choose to build private above ground mausoleums to honor three or more of their loved ones. The design options are endless. Our mausoleums are custom built with unsurpassed construction to last forever. They are perpetually warranted and constructed like no other.


You have been wonderful to work with and I thank you and your colleague for all you do to make families and loved ones feel better.  May you continue to be safe and well.  Thank you, Cindy!

-Nancy Tyler

Wonderful to work with!

Thank you for making a difficult situation easier.

-Lisa Green

Made a difficult situation easier.

It’s been great collaborating with you. Thank you a million times over for your personal attention and your perfectionism.

-K. Chorba

Thank you a million times over.

I just wanted to let you know that the engraving on my mother’s memorial stone was very high craftsmanship. Some engravings that I’ve seen have one spouse’s looking newer instead of the same color.

I will never forget your helpfulness and patient understanding when my mother, Norma Jean, was always changing her mind about the special ordered tombstones for her and my father, while she was in the hospital and I was the middleman, working with you!

You made it so much easier for me, and my mother was very pleased with all the personalized engravings and images of their dogs.

I appreciate your kind words of sympathy at her recent passing.

-Vicki White-Parks

Very High Craftsmanship

Excellent service and caring professionals.

-Namastekrishna Ganges

Excellent and Caring

I’ll gladly tell everyone I can how y’all went above and beyond for myself and my siblings in playing a large part in finally having our mom’s memorial placed!

Once again, thank you!

-Debbie Ingram

Above and Beyond

I located two ancestors (children/great uncles) buried at the Union Cemetery in Steubenville, Ohio. They died in the early 1900’s and were buried without markers, due to the economic times. Cindy treated my family as if it happened yesterday, and walked me through the process. She kept me updated and was always quick to respond when I had a question. Michelle contacted me shortly after the monument was placed, and sent me pictures as I live out of state. The marker was basic, but they treated me like family. I can’t thank you enough!

-Norman Milligan

They treated me like family.

If you’re looking to buy a memorial for your loved one, my wife and I say look no further than Rock of Ages in Wintersville. We worked with Cindy and she was excellent. Great service. Love the look of the memorials.

-John H

Love the Look

Cindy was very kind and thoughtful with assisting me in choosing a stone marker after my sister died last year. I live in Lenoir City, TN and traveling back and forth to Ohio is hard. Sweetest, kindest person to really help get the job done right. Many thanks.

-Maritza Bailey

Got the Job Done Right


The stone looks amazing and I really appreciate you letting me know that everything is complete and for sending the pictures. You and the other staff there have been wonderful to work with and have made this very difficult time much easier for me and my family.

Thank you so very much for all of your assistance.

-Andrea Raimey

Wonderful to work with!